Is Your Agent Onboarding Process AEP-Ready?


Agents are an extension of your health plan and contribute to your organization’s growth; it is critical to be able to effectively onboard them, and oversee their compliance and performance during the busiest time of the year–Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Many health plans have burdensome, labor-laden internal processes and/or manage multiple vendors to oversee sales operations activities.

Initiating efforts to make the onboarding and oversight back-end process seamless will make the difference. In streamlining your annual readiness process, the benefits from efficiencies and gains in productivity are clear.

How many agent management onboarding requirements processes are currently automated for your organization?
        • Document and form management of contracts, licenses, E&O coverage, etc.
        • Background and licensure checks
        • Training and exam administration and/or validation
        • Compliance certification tracking
        • Appointment confirmation and submission to ready agents to sell
        • Agent messaging

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If your onboarding process includes tracking all of these processes in spreadsheets, or if you are not addressing these processes comprehensively, your organization’s ability to promote best sales practices may suffer with your focus elsewhere. Manual efforts introduce human error. With tight timelines in an increasingly competitive market, there is little time and few resources to waste.

Consider an option that can streamline efforts and improve compliance. Leveraging Miramar:Agent, our industry experts will work with your organization to deploy the proper digital tools for your organization and sales force, which align with and elevate your existing procedures.

Miramar:Agent’s robust system allows you to collect forms and store them in one location. Action items are directed to a single to-do list, providing a snapshot of your agents’ progress. Managing data from a single vendor, the flexible reporting engine allows you to create accurate reports to your specifications and schedule for delivery via email or FTP at the desired frequency. Miramar:Agent will reduce your administrative load, allowing you to focus on your sales and marketing goals and strategic initiatives.

Set in place a solution that will ensure that your agents are aligned to CMS requirements in as little as one week - contracted, licensed, trained, appointed, and ready-to-sell.

Leverage our checklist to identify what processes can be automated today, for  a more streamlined requirements process tomorrow.