Offshoring: Benefits are Bountiful for Health Plans

Health plans should no longer assume that professionals in other countries cannot provide the same high-quality service as those based here in the United States. With universities in Southeast Asia, India and Middle America providing the quality education to produce a talented and capable workforce, your health plan can now take advantage of all the benefits of off-shoring such as:

  • Operating efficiency. Your health plan can operate around-the-clock by establishing an off-shore operation.  After all, when it’s the middle of the night here in the states, it’s the middle of the day in other parts of the world.  Off shore professionals can continue reviewing files or conducting research throughout the night – making it possible for domestic staff to make headway as soon as they arrive at work.
  • Cost savings. Offshore labor costs are typically less expensive than state-side costs. Health plans are finding that they can tap into the services of anywhere from 200 to 400 offshore nurses for the same investment that it would cost to employ 50 U.S. nurses.
  • Business continuity. Imagine this: Your health plan office operations in upstate New York come to a virtual standstill when 26 inches of snow falls overnight.  Ordinarily, this would bring your business to a screeching halt. If you’re operating in another part of the world, though, your members can continue to receive the service that they expect.

These benefits and others make off-shoring an attractive option for many health plans. In future blog posts, we’ll help you along the way as we cover other topics such as what to include in your offshoring operations; how to optimize the benefits of offshoring while avoiding the pitfalls; and how to choose the best offshoring partner.


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