Implement a Valuable Medicare OTC Card Program


Offer “White Glove” Service with an OTC Benefit Card

The supplemental benefits landscape is booming, with OTC benefits as its mainstay. As health plans seek ways to expand and enhance their supplemental benefits, countless Medicare Advantage (MA) members are recognizing the value of their health plan’s OTC benefit as a highly useful and meaningful tool to help manage their health.

“Health plans that are seeing higher utilization of their OTC benefit program are also reporting improved member health, satisfaction, and reductions in costs of care,” said Melissa Murray, Convey vice president of operations.

The intensity of competition within the MA marketplace commands health plans to consistently identify solutions that contribute to enrollment growth. As a focal point of Convey’s thoughtfully developed member-centric OTC services, Convey’s Medicare OTC card is a solution that will do just that.

The point-of-sale Medicare OTC card is supported by Convey’s Miramar technology and administrative services. Members receive an OTC benefit card with a pre-determined allowance for approved, health-related OTC products such as vitamins and minerals, diabetes care, and nutritional supplements.

Convey manages member experience, compliance, and utilization, so health plans can focus on their core strategies. MA beneficiaries receive Convey’s award-winning customer service throughout their supplemental benefits experience.

Medicare OTC Card is more Than Just an OTC Debit Card Platform

Simply implementing an OTC debit card for your member to use is not enough in this competitive market. Partnering with a leading provider of supplemental OTC benefit administration services can deliver your plan and members with solutions that are genuinely appreciated, and help to ensure your health plan’s success. This collaboration should allow you as the payer to have a say in the OTC benefit card program design: the product selection that is available to your membership, the variety of benefit configurations you would like to implement, any disease-states that your organization would like to target and tailor to, and more. The expertly designed Medicare OTC card by Convey is no exception.

Features of Convey’s Medicare OTC Card

      • A fully compliant and configurable multi-channel OTC solution to meet health plans’ requirements
      • A choice for members from five integrated purchasing methods for ease of access: online, phone, mobile app, mail-in form, and in-store OTC product purchasing
      • Expanded service offerings that include seamless benefits management, transaction activity and account balance assistance, and enhanced mobile and web capabilities
      • Support from the #1 VISA global payments processor for secure, real-time updates
      • Access to retail locations within an average of 10 miles from members’ homes
      • A solution that is part of larger concierge supplemental benefits and flex wallet programs

“At Convey, customer support and engagement are at the heart of our services and we have always put the best interests of our members first,” Murray said. “When building the Medicare OTC card solution, we integrated member support services into every step of the process, just as we have for the other ordering channels. Beneficiaries receive white glove customer service from our dedicated teams.”

To learn more about Convey’s Medicare OTC card and our complete suite of supplemental benefits programs from a solution expert, contact us today!